Flood Insurance Information
Think you need to live near water to need flood insurance? Think again.  Floods can be caused by storms and hurricanes.  Don’t get caught in rising water— protect your home with flood insurance.

Did you know that even if you don’t live near water, your chances of experiencing a flood are rising?
Homes, office parks and parking lots are springing up in place of forests, meadows, and other open spaces. As a result, the land is losing its natural ability to absorb water and floods are becoming more severe.

Condominium Insurance You Can Depend On
If you own a condominium, certain common areas of your building are likely covered by your association’s insurance, but the interior of your unit, your personal possessions and liability are not.

JB Insurance of the Palm Beaches not only offers insurance at a great price, but also provides knowledgeable support, immediate claims assistance and the latest information to help keep you and your family safe.

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